About Us

About Us

Bhavam.com is an enthusiastic knowledge-based online platform for spreading value based education and spirituality across the world with the aim to serve the global community who want to be balanced in soul, mind and body.

Through our articles, books and other presentations, we want to present the richness and diversity of Sanatana dharma without aligning ourselves with any particular sectarian movement, guru tradition or practice. We respect all beliefs, gods, saints and gurus and all philosophies and sectarian approaches to Sanatana dharma. We believe that paths to god are many and individuals have to choose what suits them best.

As part of Sanatana dharma, sincere faith is the substance of any festival or day to day prayers based on mythological background, right methods to offer the prayer with pre-described materials. The selection process of right materials to offer prayer becomes critical in case of the absence of right information and guidance of a senior family member. In the age of modernization, it is very difficult to pick and choose the items from multiple places. Bhavam.com entails of highly talented professionals after many years of experience in the software industries and we have come out with an e-commerce online marketplace platform to be one stop solution for all the spiritual needs of the global community through the supply of our various religious and spiritual products.

We are committed to strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through our superior quality of materials and cutting-edge e-commerce platform.

We will continuously improve to exceed our customer expectations through

  • Supplying wide range of products with best in quality & cost
  • On-time delivery and Fast service through our structured logistics & supply chain management
  • Quick response and resolution to any customer queries