Kumara Sambhavam (Musical drama)

(Kumara SAmbhavam is the story of the birth of Lord Subramanya . Poet Kalidasa has written a great poetic work by the same name. Smt. D.Pattammal has written it in the form of several Carnatic Krithis)

The story starts   with a prayer to Lord Ganesa Gaja Mukhanai nee anu dhinamum



English translation



WE would daily salute the elephant faced one,

We would pray him with true   devotion



WE would sing about him and sing his praises,

Please avoid failure   due to this



We would take Aruga grass and Yerukku flowers,

And make them in to a garland and wear it to him,

We would offer to him sugar cane and various fruits,

And salute him calling   him Oh Ganapathi



English translation



In the pretty   Himalaya mountain , after loosing goddess Sathi,

Lord undertook a very hard penance.



Parvathi who was the daughter of Himalayas   and Mena,

Did very many services   to that Lord.



With jingling anklets she harvested   several flowers,

With great pain to her hips she brought also,

Loosing her tiredness   due to the cool rays,

Of the crescent , she went on doing the service.



English translation



W e Surrender, we surrender , Oh God Brahma , we surrender



The problems created by Aura Tharaka is immeasurable,

Please have mercy on us and protect   us.



The heat of the sun should not reduce,

The light of the moon should not diminish,

The ladies should tremble greatly,

And do various   types of service.



English Translation



Leave out this wory , Oh all devas, you please,

I am sad to hear about your problems.



For getting problems solved , make the son of Lord Shiva,

As your commander   with help   of Goddess Parvathi.



“Like destroying the plant that one has himself planted,

For me it is not proper to destroy Tharaka,”

When Lord Brahma   told like this , the devas became clear,

And waiting for the good day, they lived happily.


4.The Lord of Love shoots flower arrows at Shiva   on the request of Indra and is burnt down


English translation



Indra approached Manmatha   lovingly ,

And explained to him in a   nice manner,



Become happy when   he shot a flower arrow   on Lord Shiva,

Goddess Parvathi also was waiting   for the time of his coming.



Understanding the reason for the disturbance   in his penance,

Immediately as soon as he burnt Manmatha by his eyes,

And went to some other place   to continue his penance ,

And the lass becoming shy went to her father’s place.


5.The wailing of Rathi , the consort of Lord of love



English translation



Oh season spring see the fate   of your friend,

See the way that   he has turned in to ashes.



Oh season spring, when you and my husband were always together ,

What is the reason why he only attained   this state.



You who usually   makes   a bed of flowers,

Please prepare   his death bed ,

Please pour water and carry out after death rites,

And make it keeping a bunch of mango flowers.


6.Consoling of Rathi by the voice from the sky



English translation



Oh Rathi do not become sad about your husband,

This news came as a sound from the sky.



When marriage takes place between the teen aged lass

Parvathi and to the God Shiva ,Manmatha   also   rose up.



When Manmatha   was trying to make Lord Brahma,

With his own daughter, he got this   curse from him,

And Brahma also then told the release   from the curse ,

To Lord Yama , even at   that   time itself.


7.Parvathi doing penance   to marry Lord Shiva


English translation



The pretty Parvathi , in spite of being prevented by her mother ,

Dressed in the garb for penance and started her penance.



Like children liking trees   as well as animals,

Without any fear she did penance on the snow mountain.



Seeing that she gets no result , Parvathi became afraid,

She did penance in between five types of fires ,

Dipping herself   in the water and eating only leaves,

Making all sages becoming surprised she did penance.


8.Lord Shiva coming as a Brahmachari and teasing Parvathi


English translation



Though from a noble family and also havng a pretty form,

Why are   you searching for a husband?



For lessening your tiresomeness , he said he will give half his penance,

And asked her who was the man whom   she loved?



Becoming shy, Parvathi saw her friend,

And that friend, told the news of all that happened,

And said that she is going   to make Shiva ,

Who was not falling in the net of pretty maidens, love her .


9.Lord Shiva details the draw backs of Shiva   and teasing continues


English translation



You are loving him in spite of knowing?

Like a person falling in a deep well , knowing it.



When with live he tries to catch hold of your hand,

Would you not be afraid , on seeing a snake.



He would dress in elephant’s hide and beg for alms,

He would take the ash of cremation ground and apply on his chest,

And instead of elephant he would make you climb on a old bull,

And take you out so that all people would laugh at you.


10.Parvathi retorting to Lord Shiva


English translation



You have not understood Lord   Shiva,Sir,

I understood it immediately , sir,



In this world great people behave differently,

People who do not know this are fools.



Without wearing any auspicious things himself,

He would give them in plenty to those who come and beg,

If you further   find fault with the Lord who shines everywhere,

As soon as I hear   it I will fine you.


11.Lord Shiva showing his real form and wooing Goddess Parvathi



English translation



Then his   cloth of wodden bark slipped , she became furious,

And that lass Parvathi started from there.



That bachelor , took the form of Lord Shiva,

Jumped and caught hold of the hand of the lass   and pulled her



By your penance   , you made   me your slave ,

When Shiva told her thus, with shyness she bent her head,

And banishing worries and forgetting sufferings,

That Shiva came in his true form came before her.


12.Lord Shiva sending sages to request for Parvathi’s hand


English translation



Oh sages   go for my sake ,

And talk with Himavan regarding giving of,

His daughter   in marriage   to me.



All devas   came   to me ,

And told all the suffering all of them undergo to me.



Because Brahma told that the problems of Tharaka,

Would be got rid of by my son , As per Deva’s request,

I would get married   to the   very pretty Parvathi,

And solve the problems of the devas.


13.The sages   asking Himavan for Parvathi and his agreeing for it


English translation



Oh best of mountins , We have come here.

To talk about anf fix the marriage of your daughter.



The Shiva who carries   Ganges   on his head,

Has desired to marry your daughter Parvathi.



He then called his daughter Parvathi and when

Showed her and told, She is the bride of Lord Shiva,

Mena   her mother thinking about parting with her daughter became sorry,

And seeing this Arundathi came and consoled her.


14.Arrangements for marriage of Goddess Parvathi


English translation



After erecting the entrance , after drawing rangoli with pearls,

After   spreading flowers in the street , he erected   a golden door .



Several pretty ladies made her sit on their laps,

Made her wear ornaments and   made her up.



Handing over a small cup in her hand, , keeping white mustard on her head,

And also kept tips of Arugam grass and after   rubbing,

And then after   rubbing perfumes on her head ,

They gave   a bath to Parvathi in a luxurious manner.


15.Lord Shiva’s   arrival for the marriage


English translation


1.The Lord   came to marry Goddess Parvathi,

With the groups of boothas   following singing and dancing .

2.With out wearing   the ornamental   decoration ,

Given by the mothers, he started fast with great desire.
Once when they reached Himalayas , he looked   well made up ,
Before he saluted Himavan , he became shy and bent his head.



16.The marriage   of Shiva   and Parvathi



English translation



Great is the marriage of Parvathi

Great is the marriage   of Lord Shiva



1.Lord Vishnu with colour of black cloud and Brahma   with his four heads,

Ganas ., sages   and   Devas surrounded them.


2.Goddess Parvathi whom the world praised, saluted Lord Brahma,

And he greeted her , “You would be a mother of a valorous son


3.Dharma requested the Lord to make Manmatha alive,

And the lord joined Manmatha with Rathi.


17.Song of auspicious ending of the marriage



English Translation


Auspiciousness, victorious auspiciousness   to Goddess Parvathi ,

Auspiciousness and holy auspiciousness   to Lord   Shiva,

Auspiciousness , daily auspiciousness

All auspiciousness   to the treasure of mercy,

Who lives   and showers sweet graces ,

On the raising fame of the Kandha mountain

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