Lord Hanuman – Multicolor Statue

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Lord Hanuman, the mighty Hindu deity that aided Lord Rama in his expedition against evil forces, is one of the most popular idols in the Hindu pantheon. Believed to be an avatar of Lord Shiva, Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion. The monkey god's tale in the Indian epic Ramayana is known for its astounding ability to inspire and equip the reader with the ingredients needed to face ordeals and conquer obstructions in the way of the world.
Product Dimensions
Height 21.6 cm
Length 18.6 cm
Breadth 14.3 cm
Weight 500 g
Qty / Pack. 1 No
Technical Details
Product Condition New
Primary Material Brass
Color Multi Color
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Lord Hanuman is mentioned in many Hindu Holy Scriptures and Puranas, namely the Ramayana and all its 16 versions. Bhagwan Hanuman is also mentioned in some of the Jainism scriptures as well as Mahabharatha. Along with his Vanara Sena, Hanuman participated in the war with Lord Rama to defeat demon king Ravan.
As per the scriptures, Anjana, mother of Hanuman was an Apsara in the heavenly court of Lord Brahma. However, due to some reason, a sage cursed her that if she falls in love, her face turns into a monkey face. Lord Brahma had pity on her and wished to help her. Anjana was born on earth and married Kesari, the monkey king. She continued her Tapasya for Shiva’s blessings. Pleased by her devotion, Lord Shiva agreed to be born as her son so she could be free of the curse.
When King Dashrath performed a Yagya to be blessed by sons, the sage gave him kheer to be fed to his wives. As Kaushalya was handed her portion, a kite snatched it and flew away to Anjana. On Lord Shiva’s signal, Lord Vayu placed the kheer on Anjana’s hand and she ate it thinking it was Lord Shiva’s, Prasad. Hence, Hanuman was born to her as the incarnation of Lord Shiva and he is also known as Vayu Putra or Maruti as Vayu was called Maruti.


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