Sandalwood Mala Bracelet – 23 mm

Product Description
Sandal Mala for Peace and getting rid of many health issues
Product Dimensions
Length 10 cm
Weight 100 g
Beads Size 23 mm
Beads Count 10+2 Beads
Qty / Pack. 1 No
Technical Details
Product Condition New
Primary Material Sandal
Color Natural
Warranty & Support
Warranty Status No
Warranty in Months No

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Sandalwood stimulates the base Chakra – believed to enhance trust and self-identity. In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, it promotes energy and enthusiasm; increasing a person’s self-esteem and zest for life. It is also believed that burning sandalwood near your door welcomes your guests and subconsciously attunes them to your home’s positivity – encouraging them to leave their doubts and anger outside.

You can use the healing aroma of sandalwood to promote feelings of peace and serenity and also to ease various ailments of the digestive system. Breathing in the aromatic smoke from a sandalwood incense stick can help to lift melancholy and promote restful sleep. It subdues aggression and irritability, promotes compassion and openness and enhances meditation. Sandalwood is particularly good for stress relief, especially when combined with lavender or bergamot.