Turmeric Japa Mala

Product Description
Turmeric (Haldi) mala for success in life, health and destroying negative vibrations.
Product Dimensions
Length 20.32 cm
Weight 50 g
Beads Size 8 mm
Beads Count 27+1 Beads
Qty / Pack. 1 No
Technical Details
Product Condition New
Primary Material Turmeric
Color Yellow
Warranty & Support
Warranty Status No
Warranty in Months No

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Haldi Mala (rosary) is made of bulbs of Turmeric which is considered one of the most purifying herbs in Ayurveda. It is used for recitation of Mantras during those worshipping ceremonies which are performed to bring success when you are in trouble because of some enemy. Turmeric Mala is used to perform Anusthan (special prayers). It is associated with fertility.
It is considered auspicious for getting victory over enemies.
It destroys enemies and gives success in lawsuits and competitions, resolution of a litigation.
It is a cure of many diseases and is highly effective to cure Jaundice.
This rosary is specially used for chanting the Mantra of Bagalamukhi and Jupiter.
It gives peace of mind and frees from anxiety, depression, and tensions.
The person also acquires a good amount of spiritual powers.